Game of Thrones: A Knight to Remember

It’s going to be a long night as the defenders of the living prepare for the upcoming battle. Each person feels that this may be their final battle and so look to leave no loose strings as they ready themselves for the end!

Warning: SPOILERS beyond this point…

Jaime Lannister is back in Winterfell and everyone wants to kill him. Well, almost everyone. Especially as he brings the news Cersei has lied and betrayed them all. It falls to Lady Brienne to stand up for Jaime by revealing his metamorphosis during her travels with him. The story of how Jaime lost his hand and, in order to keep an oath he swore to Lady Catelyn Stark, armored Brienne and sent her on a quest to find and save Sansa. Though not fully satisfied of Jaime’s redemption Daenerys allows Jaime to live and returns his sword.

“The things I do for love.” Jaime Lannister utters those words in the first episode of season one of Game of Thrones, right before he pushes Bran out of a window and sets off the chain of events that brings us to where we are today. We have waited 10 years for Jaime to finally come face to face with Brandon Stark, and this reunion does not disappoint us.

Daenerys has lost faith in Tyrion and is ready to replace him, until the only man in this world she trusts more than Tyrion steps in with some sage advice.

Daenerys attempts to make peace with Sansa and it looks promising until Sansa asks a question Daenerys is not ready to answer.

Luckily she didn’t have to because it was time for another reunion, Theon has returned to Winterfell and Sansa was uncharacteristically emotional upon seeing him again. They barely had time to break from a hug before… yes, another reunion. Jon and Sam with Ed Tollett and the Nights Watch, Tormund, and Beric. They bring news that the Night King will be at their gates by the next sunrise.

The principal characters meet for a strategy session. When Jon explains they cannot win in a straight battle Bran offers an alternative. The Night King will come for Bran, so they can use Bran for bait. If they hope to survive the Walkers they must defeat the Night King.

As night falls everyone settles into an evening of reflection and stories. Jon and Sam are on the wall discussing the… wait a minute!!! They aren’t alone. In a corner, with no explanation, is the hero we haven’t see in almost 2 seasons. How did Ghost get there? Where has he been all this time? Why was there no reunion, no backstory?? No one cares about Jon and Sam… SOMEONE TELL US ABOUT GHOST!

The Lannister brothers are warming by the fire with mugs of wine commiserating. But they are interrupted by Pod and Lady Brienne. Then Ser Davos and Tormund, who yearns for a “reunion” with “the tall woman”. There are songs and stories, and in the end, as the only true knight among them, Jaime knights Lady Brienne to make her the first true woman Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Time for another reunion. Arya, the Hound, and Beric get together for a bittersweet reunion on the wall. At least until Arya announces she is not spending her final hours with two “miserable old shits” and leaves.

Arya would rather practice her archery and be prepared. Oh wait, she would actually rather question Gendry about… oh… actually she would rather…OMFG, not little Arya!! She’s just a child. Arya, how could… oh, Arya, when did you get boobs?!?

Meanwhile outside Sam is watching as Ser Jorah Mormont is trying to explain to his cousin Lyanna that she needs to stay in the crypt during the battle. Instead he learns that in the Mormont family little Lyanna has all the balls. Sam gets smart and gives his family’s Valerian steel sword to someone that can actually use it as he tells Ser Jorah that it was the right thing to do because Jorahs father taught him what it was to be a man.

Finally, in the crypt below Winterfell Daenerys finds Jon staring at the statue of a young woman. When she inquires Jon explains to her that it is Lyanna Stark, his true mother. He goes on to explain the rest of his heritage while Dany stares in disbelief. Not because she has fallen in love with her nephew, but because there could be someone with a greater claim to the iron throne.

Before Daenerys goes dragon crazy on Jon a horn sounds the impending arrival of the Night King and his army. As Jon and Daenerys head for the dragons we are left waiting for the next episode to learn who will survive.

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